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My Writer's Journal

New York, New York

The High Line near the Hudson River
By-product of the trip to Des Moines was bronchitis, which was in full force when I left for a long-planned trip to NYC on May 1st. I coughed all through a meeting about marketing plans for CLEOPATRA CONFESSES; Editor Paula filled me with hot tea so I could record a video for YouTube.

Most interesting meal: at a restaurant called "Mary, Queen of Scots" where I ate salmon kedgerie with Editors Julie and Jeanette. It turned out to be herbed and spiced rice with pea broth (???) and grilled salmon. Very good, but I'll bet my WILD QUEEN never ate anything like it.

Most interesting new NYC spot: the Highline, a long, narrow park that follows an old rail line along the Hudson. Spent a lovely, peaceful hour here.

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