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My Writer's Journal

A Shoutout to Cleopatra, Mary Queen of Scots, Victoria

OK, I'm too busy. Here it is, September, the most beautiful month of the year in Albuquerque, and I hardly go outside the house except for my morning walk at sunrise. But so much is happening!

CLEOPATRA CONFESSES: Jacket design arrived, and it's gorgeous! I love it! A couple of weeks ago the copyedited manuscript arrived--not so gorgeous, just a lot of fact-checking. But it's done.

THE WILD QUEEN, MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS: First draft back from the editor. Needs work. LOTS of work. New beginning, new ending, and everything in between seems to drag. More action! More feeling! Tighten the prose! I keep my head down and go at it, hard.

VICTORIA RULES: To the university library to borrow a pile of books. Order a batch of obscure books out of print. They've started arriving, and I can't resist diving in.

THE BAD QUEEN: How's she doing? Anybody buying these books?

E-mails. I love them, and I always answer. But I forgot to update my blog until just now, and I swore I'd do it once a week.

The house is a mess. We're getting ready to move. Sometimes I can't sleep, wondering how I'll get it all done. Dearly Beloved says I'm grouchy! MOI??? Read More 
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