Loving Will Shakespeare

Anne Hathaway is simply a “yeoman’s daughter,” and Will Shakespeare is a boy who will someday grow up to write plays for the court of the queen of England–and leave his loving wife behind for the excitement of London. Anne is seven years older than Will. They are very different, but, despite their many differences, they become friends, and eventually lovers. Everyone has heard the tale of William Shakespeare’s will, and how he gives to Anne only is “Second best bed.” There have been many interpretations of that–is it some inside joke, or is did he simply feel his wife was second best? No one will ever know....

The cottage is probably much larger and better kept than it was when Anne lived here as a young girl.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Shakespeare's birthplace
And this is where Will Shakespeare grew up in the bustling market town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Anne Hathaway lived in the country, a mile or so away.

Here's the kind of reader review I love:

I loved the book from beginning to end. Every page made me squeal at how romantic it was, and how it ended. Before I wasn’t interested in history, but this changed my mind completely. It’s addicting, and it made me cry a lot in parts. This book really touched my heart, and I know I can’t change history, but I wish Will stayed with Anne longer…

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