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My Writer's Journal

A little traveling music

I have just come back from Des Moines, where I spent less than 24 hours with a wonderful group of librarians (Title of my talk: BUT IS IT TRUE? Talking about Historical Fiction). I also spent almost that many hours getting there and back. It was a dark and stormy night - and day - and a lot of planes weren't flying, or weren't flying on time. And then there was the airport bus that wouldn't stop for me, never mind what the website said. And the guy on the airline customer "help" line who thought it would be a good idea to send me from Denver, where I missed my connection, to spend the night in Los Angeles and then fly home to Albuquerque from there. (I finally caught a flight from Denver that had me here an hour later.)

Fortunately I had a really good book to read (see Home Page).

Maybe tomorrow I won't be too tired to write - or even think. But today I am. Read More 
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What I did all weekend

It sometimes seems that I write all the time. Not true. I do write most of the time--today is one of those 8-hour writing days--but I also take time for other things, especially on weekends. For instance, here's how I spent my time last weekend during those hours when I got away from my desk:

FRI: Went to a 5 pm gallery opening for an exhibit of exquisite monographs and papercuts by a friend who also illustrates children's books. From there to a poetry reading by a poet I adore (I happen to be married to him). Talked to friends at both places. Read in bed.

SAT: Walked to the French bakery and bought croissants. Talked to a man standing in line who was in town for a conference. I asked about the conference. "Forensic psychologists," he said. "Friends of psychologists?" I asked, not hearing clearly. I do that all the time, unfortunately. Wrote all afternoon.

SAT evening: Went to the movies to see "Jane Eyre." Naturally, I loved it. My kind of movie--historical setting, dramatic story, fine acting.

SUN: Watched a movie about Aldo Leopold, naturalist and conservationist. Wrote all afternoon. Cooked dinner for my son Chris and his girlfriend, who brought their new dog for a first visit. Worked on the NY Times crossword puzzle after
they left.

MON: Usual 3-mile morning walk, starting at 6:30. And so the week began.... Read More 
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