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My Writer's Journal

Back at my desk

At the Palace Hotel, grinning because the nuts and olives are free
I've been to Spain several times, but this was my first time in Portugal, and I loved it although the three cities we visited all seemed to be vertical--I was either puffing up a steep cobbled street or stumbling down. We heard traditional fado music in Lisbon and happened upon a harvest festival with young men and boys executing an elaborate dance in Coimbra.

Back in Madrid we stopped in my favorite hotel, The Palace, where Hemingway used to hang out under the beautiful Tiffany glass dome. Costs only $1480 a night! Can this be true? Still, I like to have a glass of sangria and for an hour pretend I'm rich. Read More 
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A little traveling music

Most of my long trips are for research, and therefore are "work," but in a half hour I leave for the airport for a flight to Spain, and this is all about having fun with mi esposo, Tony, who has been there for about 10 days. This time it's his project, not mine, and I'm just along for the ride.

We fly to Lisbon in Portugal on Wednesday (I'll still be groggy with jetlag, but never mind), and then take buses to Coimbra, a university city, and finally to Porto, before we return to Madrid. I'll come home on Friday, the 21st, and Tony will stay for another three weeks.

I had hoped rather desperately that I'd have VICTORIA REBELS back for further work, but so far nothing--not a word. And my next project has still not been discussed. I'm leaning strongly toward ancient Greece--you know, ILIAD and ODYSSEY and all that--but quien sabe? Who knows? It could take a sharp turn toward Anastasia and her family.

Meanwhile, adios muchachos y muchachas. I'll report on the trip before the end of October. (PS--It's cold here in ABQ!) Read More 
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