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My Writer's Journal

Order! Order!

I'm a fiend for order, a demon for organization. I'm one of those people who thrive on routine--need it, in fact, in order to function. The first routine to be established once I'd unpacked was getting back to my morning walks. So now I head out the front door, turn left, and start walking--first through the downtown area, then past a few blocks of charming old bungalows, and finally into the Country Club neighborhood with some pretty upscale digs. On Christmas Eve they'll all be glowing with literally hundreds of luminarias, the candle-in-a-bag that's a custom here.

So far I've met a really handsome dog, a huge mastiff named Odin. I informed his owner, a guy about 20, that Odin was the name of the dog belonging to Count von Fersen, who was in love with Marie-Antoinette. He probably thinks he's run into the neighborhood eccentric.

Fifty minutes and about 2-1/2 miles later, I'm ready for the day. Order has been established.

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