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My Writer's Journal

The New Place

A week ago today the movers arrived at 8:30 AM, while we were still madly packing. By 6 PM we were sitting dazedly in the new place, waiting for pizza to be delivered for our first meal. For the past week I have been alternating between unpacking the mountain of boxes: kitchen first, so we didn't have to eat pizza every night; then my clothes, so I could change to some clean ones, and now my office--and then dragging myself back to the old place to clean. Ugh! Both places were a mess, but I'm more concerned with the new one. Where am I going to put everything? My printer? My scanner? There's a new phone system that doesn't seem to work. I can't figure out the voice mail.

But I have one big box labeled QUEEN VICTORIA, and I've vowed that next week I'm going to have this place whipped into shape, and I'll turn into a writer again.
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