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My Writer's Journal

Victoria Rules!

Queen Victoria, that is. She was the clear favorite among the dozens of you who responded to my request for suggestions for my next subject. I've already started my research.

This has been an amazing experience. On August 9th, on my regular morning walk, I got the idea of contacting some of the readers who've contacted me and asking for suggestions. After breakfast, I sent out about 100 e-mails, promising to dedicate the book to the first three people to nominate the subject I'd eventually choose. I had scarcely hit the SEND button until the responses started to come in.

Some of you had a clear favorite, but some of you had lots of ideas, and those ideas were fascinating! There was a great deal of interest in English royalty (Lady Jane Grey; Anne of Cleves), but there were also nominations of queens from China and India; mentions of some non-royal Americans (Thomas Edison; Pocahontas; Amelia Earhart); ancient history (Boudica); Joan of Arc got a number of votes; and the one that made me laugh (Queen Latifah).

In the end, though, Queen Victoria carried the day. Leah N., Vankelia T., and Sidney V. were the first to suggest it, and so their names will be on the dedication page when the book is published, probably in 2012.

And to the rest of you who were so generous with your ideas and suggestions: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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