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My Writer's Journal

Too Many Books?

I've never been a collector. I buy books, read them, pass them on to whoever might be interested. I do tend to let stuff accumulate down in the basement. But now there's a crisis.

We're getting ready to move to a much smaller space, and the big problem is a basement full of STUFF. Besides the usual stash of old tools, the bumper of a long-gone 1997 Toyota Tacoma (for sale, cheap!), there were boxes and boxes of books. Not just any books, but copies of books I've written. I hauled them up, sorted them out, gave some away to schools, but I still have a lot left, more than I want to cart off to our new place. That's why I'm making the offer to give them to friends and fans who want them and are willing to pay the postage.

It seems like a good idea. Let's see if it works.
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