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My Writer's Journal

Panic Mode

I'm always this way before a big trip: rushing to get work finished, making long lists to myself, worrying that I'll leave something major undone. First, there were the holidays and lots of time spent cooking. Then the launch party on Wednesday for VICTORIA REBELS. I put together a slideshow of photos, and my hairdresser, Cathy, brought her 4-year-old, Gia, and replicated the braids on the cover. Brilliant!

The next day the electronic manuscript arrived for more "tweaks"--dozens of them--on BEAUTY'S DAUGHTER. Just got that finished.

And I've been putting together some notes to collect that headful of ideas I brought back from NYC in mid-December.

Now, in three days, we leave for a few days in Paris and then on to Spain. Find the passport, call the credit card company, cancel the daily paper, figure out how to pack one small carry-on bag for 18 days of winter travel--and for goodness sake, don't leave anything rotting in the fridge.

But I've got to find an hour or so to write up some of those ideas before they vanish in the fog.
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