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My Writer's Journal

Between Books - Part II

Four months ago I posted a journal entry with the same title. And I think I did manage to take a weekend off, before I dived (dove?) into my next project, updating my old Hotline series to publish as e-books. That turned out to be much more time-consuming than I anticipated. It wasn't just the physical chore of actually re-typing four entire novels from four yellowing paperbacks; I had to rethink big chunks of the stories and keep my ear tuned for dated dialogue. But I finished the job; three are now available on amazon.com and bn.com, and the fourth is almost ready to go live.


Then BEAUTY'S DAUGHTER came back from Editor Julie; I was moaning about that at the end of November, but I finished it, too, hoping that Julie would be able to look it over before I arrived in New York in early December.


Then it was time to leave. With a clear mind and an (almost) clear desk, I took off for Denver for a family visit that included a visit to the wonderful Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. Then to NYC where I managed in three days to have a breakfast and three lunches with various editors and one agent, went to three museums for exhibits of Picasso, Matisse, and Beatrix Potter, and saw two outstanding plays (not Broadway shows; just very good plays).

Finished off with a train ride through the beautiful Hudson Valley, winding up in Rochester for another family visit. And flew home after 11 days on the road with a headful of ideas. I won't be "between books" for long.

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