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My Writer's Journal


This isn't really about Halloween. This is about long-ago projects that occasionally come back to life: call them Undead Books.

This week I got an email from someone named Billy, who is a member of a band and wants to use some of the illustrations from my book titled MASK MAGIC, published in 1978, 34 years ago, my seventh book. The illustrator was Melanie Gaines Arwin. I never met her, had no contact with her, and have no idea where she is now. Billy writes, "I was struck by the strangeness of the illustrations when taken out of context." He wants to use some of them as part of the band's new album packaging. Imagine that! Of course that sent me off in search of my only surviving copy of MASK MAGIC. And Billy is right--the illustrations are wonderfully strange. I'd love to have them come to life again.

Yet another book comes back to life: WHITE LILACS, published much more recently (in 1992) and now used as the basis for a student's film project in Denton, Texas, where the story was set. Follow this link to view the film:
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