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My Writer's Journal

Starting Over

It's the last day of 2010, and as usual I'm starting over. This time I'm starting over with VICTORIA RULES. After more than six weeks of diligent writing, I have produced about FIVE PAGES--the same five pages, over and over. I can't seem to find the way into this story, the hook that will grab a reader's attention and hold it. The only thing that has survived this constant reworking is the first line: I hate Sir John Conroy. So far so good. But how then do I write the scene that shows exactly why Victoria hates this man? So far I've been extremely busy hitting the delete key, dumping one idea that seemed perfect at first and replacing it with another one that may, or may not, work better. It occurs to me that I might have to come up with a different opening. I really, really like that one, but I know it's a mistake to fall in love with my own words--even a wonderful first line.

I hate Sir John Conroy. Now what?
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