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My Writer's Journal


It's always exciting when the galley proofs for a new book come in from the publisher. CLEOPATRA arrived the day after Thanksgiving in the midst of visitors and leftovers (all good!). I'm very happy with the design of the book, the way it's laid out, the type style, and especially the decorative elements used on the pages that separate the sections. It really does make a difference in the pleasure of reading when a book looks good, and I have to say that CLEOPATRA CONFESSES is handsome.

As usual I found a few little mistakes, mostly mine, although a few were printer's typos. Having been away from the manuscript for several months, I was able to look at the typeset version with fresh eyes. Fortunately, there will be a number of other eyes to catch any other errors, and yet I know that a couple of little mistakes will sneak past all of us. At least I hope they're little!
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