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My Writer's Journal

A little traveling music

I have just come back from Des Moines, where I spent less than 24 hours with a wonderful group of librarians (Title of my talk: BUT IS IT TRUE? Talking about Historical Fiction). I also spent almost that many hours getting there and back. It was a dark and stormy night - and day - and a lot of planes weren't flying, or weren't flying on time. And then there was the airport bus that wouldn't stop for me, never mind what the website said. And the guy on the airline customer "help" line who thought it would be a good idea to send me from Denver, where I missed my connection, to spend the night in Los Angeles and then fly home to Albuquerque from there. (I finally caught a flight from Denver that had me here an hour later.)

Fortunately I had a really good book to read (see Home Page).

Maybe tomorrow I won't be too tired to write - or even think. But today I am.
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