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Jubilee Journey

The sequel to WHITE LILACS, the story of Rose Lee Jefferson, her descendants, and her African-American community, continues here.

Growing up in Connecticut in a biracial family, thirteen-year-old Emily Rose Chartier always believed it was a privilege to be a "double." But when she goes to Texas for the first time to visit her great-grandmother, Rose Lee, Emily Rose is in for a shock. Racial attitudes are much different from those back home in the Northeast. The Texans she meets scoff at the idea of being "double"--you're either black of white, and in Texas, Emily Rose is black, period.

As she grows closer to her great-grandmother and learns more about her African American heritage, Emily Rose discovers a new side of herself. The only question is, who is she now? One thing is sure: After this summer, Emily Rose will never be the same.